Claudeen Benoit!

Claudeen Benoit - Headshot

Claudeen Benoit

When I was in the fifth grade, this new girl came into my homeroom class. I remember looking at her and thinking, “this is the most amazing girl I have ever laid my eyes on.” She had star quality, I could recognize this at ten years old. She had big, bright eyes and smooth mocha skin, and a gorgeous smile. At some point that first day, I had volunteered to help clean out her desk for her- I don’t remember why, but I am assuming that she had the desk of someone else who had moved away and there was a hot mess in there.

I am not the best at cleaning, but I was focused for this girl. I cleaned that desk like nobody’s business. I bet if my mother were there to see it she would yell at me for not keeping my own personal spaces this neat. And when I finished, I left a note for her inside the desk asking if we could be friends. I remember when she opened it and saw the note, she laughed and said yes, and we smiled at each other.

Thirteen years later, this girl lives in New York City and I haven’t seen her in a while. Shame on me, we live so close to each other! But she’s quite busy herself, being an actress, singer, dancer, songwriter… just all around artist. Check the credentials. I’m still just as much in awe of her as I was when I first met her as a geeky bookworm with too much hair.

Her latest jam is ‘Retrograde (Remix)*,’ a Afro-futuristic song by James Blake featuring Benoit’s spoken word between syrup-sweet lyrics like, ‘We’re alone now / Can I be the girl you love?’ You can listen to it here:

Ms. Benoit has a show tonight at S.O.B’s at 8 pm. Sadly, I have a prior engagement and I cannot make it. But I figured I would share the info with all of you, because I am POSITIVE that the show will be simply fabulous. Go. Seriously, this is a freebie.

R.A.W.: Real Art Works

R.A.W.: Real Art Works
May 8 | 7:30pm | SOBs
Ari Lennox, Khari Mateen, Justina Soto, & Claudeen Benoit

I know you’ll see the futuristic diva she is in her songs and videos, but I hope you’ll also see the dazzling child I saw so many years ago.

[For reference, this is the original song by James Blake, from his album Overgrown.]*