Why Isn’t There A White History Month?

And I’m sure there is many more where that came from. I’m not sure why Black History Month gets all the hate (actually, yes I am. Care to guess?)

But I guess that doesn’t answer people’s question so much as it does prove that they shouldn’t be asking the question in the first place. So again, I pose the question- Why Isn’t There A White History Month? And here is the long awaited answer (or at least part of it):


Looking back in history, we can deduce that when people decided to go conquer brown-skinned lands, they were confused by these people because they were different. To rectify the problem, they forced them to adopt White culture and to reject their own. They were forced to speak different languages, to wear different clothes, to practice different religions, to eat different foods, to live in different homes- and to serve the White savior who showed them the “right” way of life.

Of course, this is because White-skinned people did not considered people of color equal to them. This isn’t just black people. This is Native-American people, Asians… people who weren’t White and Christian, in a nutshell.

Now, let’s consider this. Because White people did not consider people of color equal to them, they considered everything about their way of life inferior to theirs, correct? That includes their history, by default. Their language wasn’t “civilized,” never mind how they came to that language in the first place. Same with their food, their clothing, their religion… everything. White people assumed that their culture was the default. And it’s the same today. White people are the default in the media, Christianity is considered a default religion, and White people’s history is the default.

The reason why there isn’t a White History Month is because every month is White History Month. In history classes, White men, especially White Christian men, are the default. They are the foundation and everything else are only considered minor details that aren’t necessary to the entire picture.

And that is why we have separate months for separate races- because anyone labelled “Other,” is considered a minor detail, something that should be mentioned but “isn’t necessary.” If we were all considered part of the same fabric of history, if every thread was vital to the entire picture- we wouldn’t need separate months because Black history, Asian history, Latin history, and Native American history would all be taught alongside White history.

What many people don’t seem to realize is that Black history is still their history. Why is it that Black people are forced to learn White history throughout school, but White people throw a fit when it comes to one month of learning the history of someone else? Like I said, White history is a default. Why do I have to consider a White person’s history part of mine, when they don’t consider my history a part of theirs?

So there you have it. We don’t have a White history month because every month is White history month, and we have a Black history month because you don’t consider our history important enough to be included all the time. It’s your fault we don’t have a White history month. So please stop asking us why your history isn’t enough, and why we still seek to learn about our people.


13 thoughts on “Why Isn’t There A White History Month?

  1. Every culture has assumed some other culture, or ~all~ other cultures, are inferior. Every culture is xenophobic. It’s just convenient to blame white people for everything because the most successful cultures happened to be European.
    White people aren’t all one entity, just as black people aren’t all one entity. There is plenty of hatred between groups that other ethnicities consider to both be white. There are plenty of world history classes that address many different cultures. But ultimately, whether you like it or not, the Western world’s history is the most relevant to the world because it set the tone for global culture, for good and ill. Enjoy your technology–it was perfected by Asians, but originated by “dead white males”.

  2. Ur an idiot. Anyone asking the question in today’ssociety is perceived as racist, and some ppl may be but in truth it is also ur answer that is racist, as well as ur ideology. It is u who lives in the past, refusing to consent to the 21st century. There will probably always be racism to some extent, but those who perpetuate themselves to be above or incapable of it based on the color of their own skin & is therefore justified in critisizing “the white man” fasking a question that at its heart promotes true equality is racism. My ethnic background comes from Native American, Irish, Scottish & Norse ancestry & I am very proud of every one. A hundred yearsago, the Irish, although being white, were considered the lowest of the low & “no irish need apply” signs were all too common across the nation. Its still racism, no matter the color of who did it. Native Americans served as slaves the same as blacks. The famous Indian, Squanto was a slave. Native Americans were hunted down by the hundreds & thousands & slaughtered because the government decided their land was actually their’s for the taking & refusing to leave their own land was an act of war. This was all done in the name of progress of course. Blacks nowadays make the argument that, well u may have went through this & that & whatever but we’re black & that alone tops everything else u & everybody else went through. They, like u, just wanna blame the white guy, like they were the devil. Nevermind that in Africa, blacks of 200+ years ago didn’t see skin color as a unifying symbol & weren’t all brothers & sisters. It was tribal. The same as with Native Americans or the Scots & clans. When a tribe conquered another tribe, some were taken as slaves for them, while others were sold to slave traders. Things just weren’t the way that u & others try to portray them. Was any of it right? Of course not, it was terrible. But its the way the world was. Unfortunately, there are those on all sides of theequation who still haven’t gotten over it & actually prefer to keep it that way for their little pity party. Groups like the NAACP will never allow us as a ppl & country, not just whites, to get over the past because they believe what happened all those years & centurysago, they’re still owed something. People of that sort demean everything they have gained, that ppl like MLK fought & died for. I believe Booker T. Washington said it best, “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” that said, I don’t believe that any month should be garnered toward any particular class, creed or race of ppl. It may promote pride within that particular group but also promotes further segregation & remorse for those who aren’t like them. Sure, we all have our differences but are we not all still Americans? Shouldn’t we also all act like it?

    • Well said Phillip. I was thinking the same thing about Black History month promoting segregation. If any class of people should have one in this country, it should be the natives. Personally, our generation had nothing to do with all the segregation in the past, but somehow we are all still at fault. Ialso think the white male is becoming the minority these days. I sure wished I got equal opportunity at first dibs on the good jobs, but unless your a minority or have a secondary education it’s dam near impossible to land one. I always base things off of percentages per capita. If these issues were seen in that light, I think most people would be surprised by what they find. Just to mention a few of the issues at hand, try taking a look at the crime rate per capita/per class, graduation rate per capita/per class, or even employment of the higher paying jobs. In addition, one thing I think people forget about slavery, is that it was worldwide back in the day. So it is apart of everybody’s history for the most part. Also, let’s not forget that alot of the slaves that came to the New World back in those days were sold into slavery by their own tribal leaders. So the next time you ponder racism and segregation, don’t forget that your own race was just as responsible for it as anybody. With that being said, I think all history should become as one, and not segregated by ethnicity races. This just supports the idea whether or not it was intended.

  3. The reason this question is asked isnt due to the past but rather the present. no one today was a slave just like nobody today in “white” america owns a slave… slavery is part of the african culture as well even today… they own white slaves and have for many many years. beat them kill them make them live in the worst possible way… it is tit for tat. so all races were supposedly created equal you say Abraham? not as far as the government is concerned. we have given them all the oppertunity in the world only to find out it isnt enough… i dont owe your race ANYTHING… got over it. (speaking in general of all races) does racism still exist…? Ofcourse on all sides black, brown, white, yellow, or red… it is sadly still there. I am sorry that years ago black folks were opressed but whites were too and asians and native Americans ans so on… It isn’t as bad today it seems but that was the past and I havent seen any slaves on plantations today so… Time to move on. Get over yourselves. Nobody owes you anything its time you realize that. schools teach all cultures these days and that is good. you have nothing to complain about here in the USA when people are dying everyday in other countries because of their beliefs we have the freedom to
    express ours… life isnt peachy but you dont get recognition for what your ancesters went through. sorry that isnt right.

  4. Just think if it were not for whites, you jigs would be still running around in cheetah briefs like your ancestors. Most of you jigs cannot make it without Affirmative Action or other federal handouts. At least you can dribble a b-ball.

      • Not to mention colleges lower standards for Afroooo Americans. By the way, why do Americans have to call you folks African Americans? Do you people have dual citizenships? I am 100% Irish on both sides of my family, you jigs don’t call me Irish American. Remember “Kizzy or Kunta Kinta” almost 700,000 whites died from 1860-1865 for your freedom.

      • The majority of those whites that died were Irish. My people don’t owe you jigs anything. What about whites getting racially profiled in Urban areas. My whites friends & I got pulled over in East St Louis by 2 black cops for being white. The colored cop said these white boys are looking for drugs or hoes. I said neither, were looking for an antique store. The colored cops called for backup, searched vehicle, while more colored cops arrived. We were release. Racial profiling goes on for whites, especially poor whites with old cars in black neighborhoods.

    • Another thing, Martin Luther king was a racist too. He once said in a speech, “I was hauled of in a paddy wagon.” Of course this was ok. What if I said I was hauled in “boot lip” wagon, referring to blacks’ oversized lips. Well, by golly, that would be racist. However, MLK, can stereo type Irish. Police wagons were called Paddywagons because a lot of folks being hauled off were either Irish or named Patrick, a.k.a Paddywagons. How is it that President Obama’s or his fake name Barry Sortero in college, daughter’s get Affirmative Action, Preferential treatment, and more government handouts than a Native American or a white living in a mobile home park? Don’t answer by saying a “level playing field.” A little black goes a long way. By the way, Obama is not the first black president, he is the first interracial one. Like most black guys, his father knocked a women up, in this case a white one, and rolled out. Then baby Obama was raised by white folks. He doesn’t even consider himself a Christian, he is a Muslim. That’s how our president went to college by lying. Guess what he is still lying today. Even though he pays over 25 lawyers a month to hide his grades and personal info, he did learn how to lie in college. The moral of the story, lie, cheat, steal, hide, put down whites, especially when they raised you, and you too can become Commander in Chief. And if you did not vote for this fake, you too will be labeled a racist as well. Damn, I should have run for president because most think I am a liar or a racist when I speak the truth from my 100% Irish heart. I should have my own talk show. Finally, there are over 300 organizations for the advancement of blacks. When ever there is a organization for the advancement of whites it’s shutdown or attacked as racist. Equal rights my ass. Not in this planet.

      • There are no equal rights in America. You can go to any country in the world and not have this problem. Like I said, a little black goes a long way. Hell, the author of this website, Keir, probably benifited by going to college by using Affirmative Action. There were over 600,000 Irish sold into slavery, including St. Patrick. The English have have been sticking their nose in Ireland’s business for over 2000 years. So you see, blacks are not the only slaves. What about Jewish folks. They have been persecuted for 5,000 years. We don’t have Jewish history month, but blacks do. Again, what about equal rights? It must just be a black thing. What about Native Americans or Asians? They don’t get anything. If your black or Hispanic you get entitlements. All others need not apply. Why should blacks get an upper hand, especially when Hispanics outnumber blacks. Not to mention, our wonderful president is trying to legalize 14 million illegal Hispanic immigrants, who committed a crime by illegally entering our country. Way to go President. Maybe he will let some illegal hot Asian girls enter our country like all those damn Mexicans. Oh, but I forgot, if your not black or Hispanic your not qualified for entitlements. What would our founding fathers say about the direction America is going? Hell, they would probably take a boat back to Europe. I know that’s right!

  5. Keir,
    I enjoyed your article. It was well thought out and presented some valuable ideas. Not all of which I agree with. I do agree that we don’t need a white history month. That is a completely ridiculous idea.
    I think that racial history months promote segregation. If there is a problem with American history as it is taught in schools, it should be adjusted not compensated for. However, I don’t think there is a racial problem with American history taught in schools. I read about Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and MLK. We learned about racial segregation and slavery. My American history classes included information about people that built and changed our country regardless of their racial background. If race needs to be addressed further in American history courses, it should focus on class imbalance; on understanding why there weren’t more people of all races in positions of power and accomplishment. Aside from the obvious, that not all races were always represented in the American population, the primary reason for imbalance is that not all races were given the same opportunities. This should be the focus, not teaching about insignificant accomplishments just because they happened to be by people of a particular race. We learn about George Washington because he was the first president, not because he was white or male. It just happens that if he had been female or any race other than white he would not have been president. As a girl growing up in American schools, I was definitely displeased that American women were rarely represented as figures of strength and intelligence, capable of changing the world. Does that mean we need to add Mary Dixon Kies to our American history lesson? No. Why? Because she patented a process for weaving straw with silk or thread thus boosting America’s hat industry. In the fundamental education about the growth and development of our country, we don’t need to learn about hats. We don’t need to learn about these accomplishments simply to boost our self image. What we need to learn is that bias over gender and race has historically impeded the growth and success of humanity as a whole. We need to teach compassion and develop young minds to understand the imbalance of race and gender in our country’s history so that they can learn not to repeat it. Isolation of American history as black or white only serves to perpetuate segregation, not to resolve it.

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