Record Store Day 2011 | College Magazine Blog

By Keir Bristol

Next Saturday, April 16, may be a normal day for some. But for a music junkie, especially of the vinyl variety, Record Store Day is like Christmas. An international holiday celebrated on the third Saturday of April every year, Record Store Day was founded in 2007 and features a variety of musical artists giving shows, limited edition releases and special giveaways.

Music blogs have been providing their readers with previews for a while now, but here at College Magazine we are going to offer you the best of the best! Go to the Record Store Day website to see if your local shop is participating this year.

Beth Ditto - The Beth Ditto EP

Beth Ditto – The Beth Ditto EP

Gossip frontwoman and LGBTQ activist Beth Ditto is going solo! The Beth Ditto EP was digitally released last month but a 12′ will be available in the U.S. on Saturday. Listen to some singles from the EP here.

Remember the late Michael Jackson with two previously unavailable remixes of “Hollywood Tonight” and “Behind the Mask.”

Vocal powerhouse Adele will have a live version of “Rolling in the Deep” on vinyl on Saturday. There will be a special remix on the record as well, courtesy of Jamie from the Xx.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” will be available on vinyl along with three remixes.

“I Heard You Say,” by the Vivian Girls off of their upcoming new album Share the Joy,  will be accompanied by a B-side, “I Won’t Be Long.”  Check out the details here.

The “Rhymesayers Vinyl Picture Disc” will be available on Saturday, featuring new songs byRhymesayers rappers  AtmosphereBrother AliAesop Rock and P.O.S.

Sonic Youth - Whores Moaning

Sonic Youth – Whores Moaning

In 1992 Nirvana came out with an EP for their Australian tour called Hormoaning. As far as I know, that won’t be available on Record Store Day, but Sonic Youth’s Whores Moaning, named in its honor will be available. Whores Moaning was released exclusively in Australia in February 1993.

Visit the website to see more releases from Jimi HendrixMy Chemical RomanceMumford & Sons with Laura Marling, and more.

Record Store Day 2011 | College Magazine Blog.


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